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Circle with Sandi made me feel empowered. I am a new mum and Sandi helped me to see that I can do it my way not the way society or my friends and family think I should do it. I also really enjoyed the connection with Sandi and the other group members during our workshops. If I had not completed this course I would still be feeling lost and alone. If you are on the fence about working with Sandi I challenge you to ask yourself ‘what have you got to lose?


Thank you so very much for this NLMM session Sandi. I absolutely loved it and truly feel like a young ballerina again. Heart open and light-footed, completely free to do whatever I please, without fear or judgement. I especially love that you don't even need any dance experience to enjoy this practice. Instead, thanks to you and the safe nurturing space you provide, I could for the first time in decades, feel pure joy simply by moving my body to the flow of music however I darn well pleased and it felt Aaaaaaamazing with a capital A!. 

Truly so incredibly grateful for you Sandi, you’re an angel.

I absolutely loved attending meditation with Sandi! Sometimes it’s hard to get into the right headspace or zone at regular meditation classes but Sandi creates an atmosphere that is peaceful and inviting from the minute you walk into the room. Her energy is welcoming and loving and the whole experience left me feeling relaxed and cared for. Sandi really listens and puts her heart into helping her clients. She is a lovely and insightful person who will help you on your journey, no matter your concerns or goals.




I joined ‘Circle with Sandi’ at a point in my life where I was stressed, burnt out and exhausted. I was feeling disillusioned with my life. I booked hoping I’d meet and connect with others. Initially, I was nervous about going along but I was completely welcomed and accepted.

After completing the 7 weeks course with Sandi I’m feeling so different. I’ve found my smile again. I've found hope and enthusiasm for the future and an appreciation for this moment right now. I am lighter and more connected - with my true self. I have gained so much more than I can put into words. Above all else, I’ve reconnected with me! More practically, I’ve learned a number of different skills I can use to centre myself, I’m learning to approach every moment with love so I can show up as the best version of myself. I haven’t mastered it yet, but that’s the journey, to practice in order to release negativity, get out of my head and into my heart more often and more easily.

If I hadn’t joined, I would still be stressed and feeling helpless and useless. Sandi has helped me start to break cycles of negative thinking and behaviour. It has not only helped me, but my husband and my kids as well.

I would recommend Circle with Sandi to anyone that wants to invest some time in themselves and who is open to finding a new level of self-acceptance and love. Also, to anyone who is in interested in learning practical tools to create daily practices to find more joy and calm in their lives. If you are on the fence about coming to work with Sandi my advice would be to just do it! You won’t regret the experience!